With Webinar registration, registrants can be imported via CSV and automatically approved. Once they have successfully been imported, a confirmation email will be sent to the registrants.

The CSV can be up to 2MB.


  • If charging a registration fee through Paypal is enabled for the webinar, this option will not be available.
  • Can only upload registrants to single-occurrence(non-recurring) webinars.


  • Pro, Business, Enterprise, or Education account
  • Webinar add-on

Importing Registrants via CSV File

Creating the CSV File

  1. Open a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel.
  2. Input users’ information following the CSV format: email, first_name, last_name
    Note: use a separate column for separate credentials (i.e. column A is the email address, column B is the first name, column C is the last name)
  3. Click File, then Export or Save As.
  4. Click Change File Type
  5. Choose CSV (comma delimited).
  6. Click Save As to save in your local documents.

Note: You can find a sample .csv file sheet with the correct format by downloading the attached .csv file at the bottom of this page.

Importing the Registrants into the Webinar

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Schedule your webinar with Automatic Approval or Manual Approval.
  3. Scroll to Manage Attendees.
  4. Click Import from CSV.
  5. Click Upload.
  6. Choose the CSV file with your registrant data.
  7. Once the import process is complete, the View Registrants window will open, and list the imported registrants as approved.